Helpful Hint #1

Hemming & Fitting a Shirt

Designer Ellie Azarian fitting model Tommie Brown in a black gauze shirt. She tapers the shirt to his body and shortens it using Getta grip Sewing Clips instead of pins.

Helpful Hint #2

Sewing a Leather Quilt

Leather designer Darren Corey of San Francisco shows how he puts together scraps of leather to make beautiful quilts. He sews them on a walking foot machine and uses Getta Grip Sewing Clips to hold the pieces together.

Helpful Hint #3

French Seam Demo

Designer Antonio Luna sews a french seam with silk chiffon.

Helpful Hint #4

Arm Hole Demo

Sewing an armhole in a man’s jacket.

Helpful Hint #5

Knit Collar Demo

Ribbed knit collar stretched to fit into a t-shirt neckline sewn by Kimo ,the designer for Effie’s Heart clothing.

Helpful Hint #6

Fly Front Demo

Fly front zipper demo: Paul shows you the easiest method to put a zipper into the front of your pants.