As soon as Paul Gallo could hold a pencil he began to draw clothing. By age 11 he was designing complete collections with fabric and color stories as school projects. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City as a fashion design major and began working on 7th avenue in the garment center. His 1st line of clothing was leather evening wear under the label Shanon-Gallo Skinware. Paul moved to San Francisco in 1991 and launched his own line and formed the company Gallofornia. He drapes clothing and makes patterns for a variety of companies in the U.S., China and India. In February of 2010 he launched his invention Getta Grip Sewing Clips that are used in place of pins and he has the U.S. Patent on the design and function.

There have been many variations to Paul's clips as he worked to achieve the right blend of form and function. His work finally culminated with the Getta Grip Sewing Clips. Join the sewing revolution with this unique tool.

In the spring of 2014 the clips were released, in collaboration with Prym, on the Dritz walls nation-wide. Our first customer being JoAnns Fabrics!

He teaches classes for aspiring fashion designers at City College of San Francisco and there are draping lessons online with the creative group at Paul travels around draping and fitting people with Getta Grip clips at weekend retreats, and tradeshows. You may email Paul about booking.

Getta Grip on your creativity and purchase your very own clips!